The Wedding

Saturday, June 22, 2019
Attire: Black Tie Preferred
Epiphany Catholic Church
8235 SW 57th Avenue, Miami, FL 33143
The Biltmore Hotel
1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Respectfully, an adult-only occasion.

Please note that a formal invitation containing all final details was mailed in March 2019. You may view more information regarding each event and transportation provided in the "Details" section of this website.

Our Story
How We Met

Andre and Emily met in July of 2009 when they were only 17 years old. They were both accepted to attend a leadership seminar at the University of Notre Dame the summer before their senior year in high school. They also met their best friend Stephanie at the same program. While Stephanie and Emily were friends right away, it was a bit more complicated for Emily and Andre! As part of a group project, Emily and Andre were assigned to the same team, and I'm sure none of you will be surprised that Emily took the project seriously and Andre didn't have a care in the world. After some negotiation, Emily managed to make Andre do his part, but not without giving him a script of exactly what to present! Their interaction at the program began a spark between them that would be hard to extinguish. While others noticed it, and Emily refused to acknowledge it, it was undeniably there from the start, evidenced by the heartfelt notes they wrote to each other on the diplomas they received at the end of the program. Little did they know that those diplomas would play a significant role in Andre's proposal eight years later!

How We Started Dating

After the program where they met, Emily and Andre didn't know if they would see each other again. However, in the Spring of 2010, they were both ecstatic to find out they would both be attending Harvard. Emily and Andre were best friends since the very first day of college in August of 2010. They saw each other pretty much every single day of their college years, spending countless hours talking and getting to know each other. In late 2014 they finally made the decision to start dating, despite being across the country from each other. They spent the next 2 years talking every single day, visiting each other often, and sharing many adventures together. In December of 2016, Emily decided she would attend business school in Boston, and Andre moved back to Boston in April of the following year. After 2.5 years of long distance, they were finally both living in the same city - which happened to be the same city where they had become so close years ago!

The Proposal

Just three months after moving to Boston, Andre felt deeply that it was time for him to pop the question. He discretely spent countless hours putting together what Emily would come to call "the best proposal of all time."

In July of 2017, both Emily and Andre had to be in New York for work. Many of Emily's best friends also lived in New York, so Andre secretly asked Stephanie, Daniella, and Joyce to take part in making the proposal happen exactly how he planned! After an afternoon consisting of brunch and a manicure (of course!), Emily's friends proposed going to the Plaza Hotel for a relaxing evening with friends. Emily has loved the Plaza since her childhood, so she immediately agreed to the plan!

When they arrived at the Plaza, the girls left Emily at reception where she was given an envelope with a handwritten note from Andre on Plaza stationary. Trembling of excitement, she opened the next letter which had the first clue of a scavenger hunt throughout the Plaza. Each clue she received included a video for her to watch in which someone very special from her past explained to her the next clue. Everyone at the Plaza knew to expect her as she solved each clue, and handed her the link to the next video. It was expertly planned! The last clue included a key card, which she used to enter a beautiful 2-story suite. She entered and heard nothing but silence, but knew she had to follow the path of petals on the floor, to where she found Andre standing in the middle of the living room holding Emily's diploma from the program at Notre Dame that he had signed 8 years earlier. He opened the diploma to display where he had removed his prior note to Emily and instead written "Will you marry me" on the diploma. He dropped to one knee right as Emily read those words and Emily's friends and family hiding upstairs heard her yell "YES" before Andre even had a chance to open his mouth and say the speech he had beautifully prepared!

Needless to say, the speech only made her more passionate about her answer, and after the second "YES" of the night, their friends and family upstairs knew it was their cue to come downstairs and surprise Emily! The rest of the evening consisted of a beautiful celebration between both families and many friends. Andre and Emily couldn't have been happier and became increasingly excited to share the rest of their lives together!